Thursday, March 16, 2006

the way of the mac

lately i have been using the mac os and have been growing quite fond of it. i really only like the fact that they have a 24 widescreen thats hd. and the fact that they have 2 gb of ram. other then that i can get my windows pc to run that stable. all i need is a nice processor, a good chunck of memory and four sata hd set in a raid 0+1. not to mention a sli set up running two nvidia 6800 or something, then add the hd monitor and it is pretty much the same thing. then consider that i might have to buy vista this time around, unless i get a nice cracked version but with the way things are going the validation garbage will stop that. but if in fact the windows and mac os can co-exist then i will have no problems, then its mac for design and windows for games and other non proted apps that i like. only time will tell.


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