Saturday, March 04, 2006

the way back in

as the i have gotten older i have noticed that i am a little out of touch of the people younger then me. By younger then me i mean they are like only 18,19,20 and even sometimes 21. its mainly the music issue. i just cant get with the music, plan and simple. but as far as everything goes i feel that there is a level in which we can a call familiar. althought there are things that you could talk about and there are certain subjects that you cant speak of. Mainly because they are to young, i.e. tv shows old jokes, movies and all of the other things that happen before they where old enough to remember. its kind of funny, i often find myself starting to sound like my parents on some subjects. then i think to myself, "wow!?! i am getting old!" well, at first that's how i thought, but i have come up with an idea. i will use this gap to my advantage. with every group of people that i don't know. i know nothing of their past, they know not of my past, unless i reveal it, and one common party. but i am not going to be just a beer hook up. instead i will use it to meet one of the lady friends that they know and actually have someone that i want to hang out with. so having to endure the music, and the often stupid stories or joke that i dont have all the information for, and friend of a friend type stuff, it just might be worth it. the gateway back into a world i have been away from all this time. a way to meet now people. the way back in.


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