Monday, March 06, 2006


after some research manufactures have discovered that almost half of all product returns are due to the product being to complex for the individual to use. on the average the customers spend about 20 min before becoming frustrated and giving up on the product.the scientist gave a group of Phillips execs some products to take home over the weekend and they returned on monday with some disappointing results. they where all frustrated because they could not get the products working. i totally believe the info from the research. when i worked at office depot i saw tons of products that i got to work and often times bought for a huge mark down. anything from routers, mp3 players, internal parts for pc's like memory and such. all worked. the biggest scam is that they try to change the product for a nonworking one. so many hard drives that where attempted but they failed, sometimes they would get really nervous, especially when i started to walk away with the hd. they would ask what i was doing, and i would tell them. basically a few times the guy would say you dont have to do that i talked to the tech support and they said it was damaged. well if anyone has ever called the tech support they are as much help as a nipple on your elbow. so i would just shine them and check it anyway. as soon as i piggy backed the hd i would noticed that 1. the hd worked and 2. often times they wouldn't even use a similar manufacture to make the switch. one time i just flat told the guy to leave and never come back, he asked why and i just showed him the screen. i really didn't even have to boot all the way into windows because i would just go to the bios and it tells all right there. Truly amazing, but anyway back to the matter at hand, is john q public getting dumber? are they all the same as homer, as the years go by they grow more unintelligent? how hard is it to set up these products? when i first started to work at office depot, i knew nothing really about computers and i then taught myself how to build them and fix many minor problems. i am glad that i am not subject to the increasing stupidity of the public.


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