A Place of Mystery

Friday, February 03, 2006

the day that i almost got ran over

the other day was like any other day that we all have. we have those all important thing that we need to do. so on this day, thursday, i had to be at school at 8 am. so i get up at my normal time, 6:45 am, to take a shower and go to school. but to day unlike the other day's i slept in a little. so since i had taken a shower the night before i just got up, snatched my things and ran out of the house cause i was a little late. i don't live that far from school so i knew that wouldn't take that long to get there. so i am driving there and all is normal. i have to park off campus cause i don't really want to pay for parking that at this point is unavailable and besides i would have to be at school every day just to get a nice spot. so i have to park across the street, which to me is now big deal. so i go to my usual spot and park my car, which just so happens to be around the corner from the school. so i park, got my backpack and started my way towards school. i glanced at my watch and noticed that it was almost time for class to start. so i got the lead out and started to walk at a faster pace. i reached the only cross walk that i had to cross and i would be there. so i hit the little walk nipple and waited for the light to turn red and the little green hand would start to flash. still waiting, ... and then there it was, in all its glory. the beloved green walk hand. so i step of the curb and i happened to notice that there is this car coming to my left and it appears to be going to fast to stop in time. so i just stand there, and some people that where waiting to turn left at the light just watched. then just as i thought the car did not stop at the limit line. infact he eventually stopped on the other side of the cross walk. i leaned over a little to see who was in the car. then in anger i began to yell profanity's at the driver shaking my hands in the air. the person whom was turning left rolled down their window in order to hear my verbal abuse of the driver that nearly took my life. and his response you may ask. was a mere wave and he said sorry. well as far as i am concerned he should have his license taken and not be able to drive. the old man was asian, there by comfirming to me that old people as well as asians can not drive a motor vehicle. i am not a racist for those that might think that i am, but i live in los angeles, and there are a lot of asains and they cause a lot of near accidents and accidents with their cars. Predominantly the older generation. i believe its because of their limited peripheral vision.