Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thinking about those moments in time in which you know that time changed. You could feel the movement in time shift you towards another distant future. Almost wishing you could go back to those times and fix the wrongs, never complete the action, forever changing your life. Excepting that change, then you's can go on wit your life. Take a new step forward in the right direction, or so it seems? But you didn't go far enough in the first life to see if you wanted to go back.
sometime in the future this person comes into your life and changes it yet again in a new direction. Course change. Now we can float a while and hopefully you don't have to change much after that. Who knows how long you might float, it may be years or a life time. Who knows? Then comes that day that the other person takes that walk, down another path. But maybe its not your time, maybe you have some other purpose, or maybe its just cause you kept your health better then the other. Who knows and you might not want to know in some cases. The only thing is, you got to worry about what is going on here and now. Worry about your self. After all there is only ol' numba one. (if I where to read this out loud, and that means if, I would read it in a New York accent, and... Forget bout it!)


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