Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The rain

Lights rolling by you one car at a time. The wipers are moving in a violent back and forth motion, that's cause the rain is flowing down from the sky. The angels cry, and there have been several occasions that I thought that we where all going to die. But my luck and they are all fast a sleep. Unaware that their lives where almost put in jeopardy. You see this is my first time driving. White knuckle all the way to Oregon. Perspiration running down my face, and it only seemed to get worse. You just never now where the street lines are, trying to look at the side of the road for the white line, but you don't wanna stare to long, you might swerve. Any sudden movement might make you lose control, oh crap did I just hover plane! That must have been like the fifth time in minutes, but wait. What is it that I see? A sign, or is it a vision? I cant be seeing things, what the heck!?! Oh, it is a sign, sign reads rest stop and gas next exit, so lets make the call, do we stop? Lets check the gas, well.... We could stop, or we could just keep on truck'n, nah lets stop maybe they will wanna switch and I wouldn't have to drive....maybe...


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