Sunday, January 22, 2006

gmail dot recognition

it seems that gmail can not tell the difference between a name with a dot in the middle or a name with the dot. to gmail they are the same name. so this would cause you to receive email that isn't yours. so this guy had a email with his first name in it, lets say, and later on down the time line another man tries to register the same name, but cant because its already been registered. so he removes the dot and registers the name now the original will often receive emails that where intended for the second timmy tommy. so gmail thinks that both are the same when really they are not. so it goes to show that when picking an email address one should not really use their name, unless you have a name that very few people have. i still don't recommend using your name in your email address, that's like using your son/daughters name as a password. use a nickname or a combination of name and numbers so that you don't get someone else's mail, and even worse they get your mail.


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