A Place of Mystery

Sunday, January 22, 2006

gmail dot recognition

it seems that gmail can not tell the difference between a name with a dot in the middle or a name with the dot. to gmail they are the same name. so this would cause you to receive email that isn't yours. so this guy had a email with his first name in it, lets say timmy.tommy@gmail.com, and later on down the time line another man tries to register the same name, but cant because its already been registered. so he removes the dot and registers the name timmytommy@gmail.com. now the original timmy.tommy@gmail.com will often receive emails that where intended for the second timmy tommy. so gmail thinks that both are the same when really they are not. so it goes to show that when picking an email address one should not really use their name, unless you have a name that very few people have. i still don't recommend using your name in your email address, that's like using your son/daughters name as a password. use a nickname or a combination of name and numbers so that you don't get someone else's mail, and even worse they get your mail.

ear bud

sitting listening to the sounds of the guns, wanting to sleep, but cant. the sounds of guitar riffs keep me awake, the high pitch voice of axel, so glam, but yet not glam. i can see the crowds, the mass of people that assemble to watch this band run across the stage. tear the place apart and still make money. have their fun and leave, like a one night stand, and they where like the whores they get paided for it. and at the end of the day they are done, spent and wasted.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

sugar less

its almost like the same thing, just not quite the same. you try to imagine it to be. but deep down you know that its just not right to make yourself believe something that you dont believe in. it would be living a lie everyday. everytime you look in the mirror, everytime you say hello; your being fake somewhere,
an imposter, a nobody. not yourself, the one that they want you to be.
but why? why i am i this way? why do we all seem so much like diet soda?


that awefull taste in your


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thinking about those moments in time in which you know that time changed. You could feel the movement in time shift you towards another distant future. Almost wishing you could go back to those times and fix the wrongs, never complete the action, forever changing your life. Excepting that change, then you's can go on wit your life. Take a new step forward in the right direction, or so it seems? But you didn't go far enough in the first life to see if you wanted to go back.
sometime in the future this person comes into your life and changes it yet again in a new direction. Course change. Now we can float a while and hopefully you don't have to change much after that. Who knows how long you might float, it may be years or a life time. Who knows? Then comes that day that the other person takes that walk, down another path. But maybe its not your time, maybe you have some other purpose, or maybe its just cause you kept your health better then the other. Who knows and you might not want to know in some cases. The only thing is, you got to worry about what is going on here and now. Worry about your self. After all there is only ol' numba one. (if I where to read this out loud, and that means if, I would read it in a New York accent, and... Forget bout it!)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The rain

Lights rolling by you one car at a time. The wipers are moving in a violent back and forth motion, that's cause the rain is flowing down from the sky. The angels cry, and there have been several occasions that I thought that we where all going to die. But my luck and they are all fast a sleep. Unaware that their lives where almost put in jeopardy. You see this is my first time driving. White knuckle all the way to Oregon. Perspiration running down my face, and it only seemed to get worse. You just never now where the street lines are, trying to look at the side of the road for the white line, but you don't wanna stare to long, you might swerve. Any sudden movement might make you lose control, oh crap did I just hover plane! That must have been like the fifth time in minutes, but wait. What is it that I see? A sign, or is it a vision? I cant be seeing things, what the heck!?! Oh, it is a sign, sign reads rest stop and gas next exit, so lets make the call, do we stop? Lets check the gas, well.... We could stop, or we could just keep on truck'n, nah lets stop maybe they will wanna switch and I wouldn't have to drive....maybe...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Would be free

Take the time to remember her smile, at times I can hear her laugh,
the sweet smell of her hair, and how I loved to see what she would do next with her hair, so many ways she used to do it,
these flash backs of memory's past, and how I wished I had lasted, but it was not possible, these memory's haunt my sleep,
she lurks in my heart, like that ghost that will never leaving, occupying space,
never letting go,
just need one last glance of her face and place my hand on her check and kiss her soft lips for one last time...... Then the soul would be free

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Burger King

So we stroll down to the local burger king near my house. We had to go inside cause my friend forgot her cash and only had her ATM card. So we park then walk in. I forgot what they served at bk so I took a little time to view their limited menu. I say limited cause I will only eat certain foods that they serve at bk. So the order is up, 756 in the pm. My friend orders immediately after I did and that was that, now its time to wait. So then these to over weight ladies come and order like four different meals. I often wonder if they are for other people or are they just ordering two meals for themselves. So anyway, my friends order pops up first, and I figured mine was next, just cause I ordered extra pickles and no Mayo. For some odd reason they have to take longer when you specialize the hamburger. But wait, to my surprise the four value meals come next! Im thinking to myself, 'what the fuck?' So then this girl from behind the counter asks, 'what are you waiting for?' so I explain again. Then what looks like a man but I guess was a women comes out and tries to take control. The time is now 8:00 in the pm, and I'm thinking they can make four meals in less then four minutes but they cant make a single paddy hamburger in four minutes! What's going on here. So then they forget that it has cheese on it! So now they have to remake the burger again. So finally at 806 in the pm I get a burger in a brown bag and they added fries, which I did not order. I ignored the fries and look at the she-male and said,"you guys better get your shit together! You guys fucking suck!" then I left. But not even a sorry for the wait, here are some fries on the house. Nothing of that matter, and I can not be bought off with a bag of fries, who do they think they are. So I will no longer go to that location again, and now that I think about it that's probably why I rarely eat at bk.

Just a friend

Have been hanging with a friend lately, and I have started to notice that I find myself thinking a little more about her. But a few years ago we made an agreement to just stay friends but I know she wants more, and maybe hangs on to my friendship to see if I come around. I have put her through some things, nothing to crazy but still not cool, but she always comes back round. At times I start to really miss her company and some of the things that she says. Confused by the entire situation cause if I open the mouth and it turns out I've been reading the wrong signs I might make it weird between us, but I guess you have to take some chances and roll the dice.

new year means nothing

five, four, three, two, one....happy new year!!
its getting to be like the new year means nothing to me, two years in a row it is pretty much the same thing, some gay ass shit happens and its not that important. really what i think it is is that it means very little too me, that change of year means less and less to me. really, its a day that at the end we just write 06 instead of 05. a real disappointment, i guess people's excitment in the holidays are getting less and less. either that or i just dont want to try anymore,... i think its i dont wanna try