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Thursday, March 16, 2006

the way of the mac

lately i have been using the mac os and have been growing quite fond of it. i really only like the fact that they have a 24 widescreen thats hd. and the fact that they have 2 gb of ram. other then that i can get my windows pc to run that stable. all i need is a nice processor, a good chunck of memory and four sata hd set in a raid 0+1. not to mention a sli set up running two nvidia 6800 or something, then add the hd monitor and it is pretty much the same thing. then consider that i might have to buy vista this time around, unless i get a nice cracked version but with the way things are going the validation garbage will stop that. but if in fact the windows and mac os can co-exist then i will have no problems, then its mac for design and windows for games and other non proted apps that i like. only time will tell.

Monday, March 06, 2006


after some research manufactures have discovered that almost half of all product returns are due to the product being to complex for the individual to use. on the average the customers spend about 20 min before becoming frustrated and giving up on the product.the scientist gave a group of Phillips execs some products to take home over the weekend and they returned on monday with some disappointing results. they where all frustrated because they could not get the products working. i totally believe the info from the research. when i worked at office depot i saw tons of products that i got to work and often times bought for a huge mark down. anything from routers, mp3 players, internal parts for pc's like memory and such. all worked. the biggest scam is that they try to change the product for a nonworking one. so many hard drives that where attempted but they failed, sometimes they would get really nervous, especially when i started to walk away with the hd. they would ask what i was doing, and i would tell them. basically a few times the guy would say you dont have to do that i talked to the tech support and they said it was damaged. well if anyone has ever called the tech support they are as much help as a nipple on your elbow. so i would just shine them and check it anyway. as soon as i piggy backed the hd i would noticed that 1. the hd worked and 2. often times they wouldn't even use a similar manufacture to make the switch. one time i just flat told the guy to leave and never come back, he asked why and i just showed him the screen. i really didn't even have to boot all the way into windows because i would just go to the bios and it tells all right there. Truly amazing, but anyway back to the matter at hand, is john q public getting dumber? are they all the same as homer, as the years go by they grow more unintelligent? how hard is it to set up these products? when i first started to work at office depot, i knew nothing really about computers and i then taught myself how to build them and fix many minor problems. i am glad that i am not subject to the increasing stupidity of the public.

firefox made $72 million

so there is a way that one can make money from offering an open source app. Apparently mozilla made $72 million from advertising. everytime you use the search field that it is integrated into the browser and you select any of the add content mozilla gets about 80 percent of the money made from the transaction. google makes the other twenty percent. not a bad way to make some real money. so now what is better, training your whole life and giving up countless hours in agonizing pain to become the next sports star or create a killer app, and make some good business connections. there is just a little less work and time to make all that money, especially if you are the mastermind of the entire idea and have a top notch team do all the developing. you can sit back and watch the money flow in. then you can spend a lot more time on important things like your family or traveling around the world. nice.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

the way back in

as the i have gotten older i have noticed that i am a little out of touch of the people younger then me. By younger then me i mean they are like only 18,19,20 and even sometimes 21. its mainly the music issue. i just cant get with the music, plan and simple. but as far as everything goes i feel that there is a level in which we can a call familiar. althought there are things that you could talk about and there are certain subjects that you cant speak of. Mainly because they are to young, i.e. tv shows old jokes, movies and all of the other things that happen before they where old enough to remember. its kind of funny, i often find myself starting to sound like my parents on some subjects. then i think to myself, "wow!?! i am getting old!" well, at first that's how i thought, but i have come up with an idea. i will use this gap to my advantage. with every group of people that i don't know. i know nothing of their past, they know not of my past, unless i reveal it, and one common goal...to party. but i am not going to be just a beer hook up. instead i will use it to meet one of the lady friends that they know and actually have someone that i want to hang out with. so having to endure the music, and the often stupid stories or joke that i dont have all the information for, and friend of a friend type stuff, it just might be worth it. the gateway back into a world i have been away from all this time. a way to meet now people. the way back in.

Friday, February 03, 2006

the day that i almost got ran over

the other day was like any other day that we all have. we have those all important thing that we need to do. so on this day, thursday, i had to be at school at 8 am. so i get up at my normal time, 6:45 am, to take a shower and go to school. but to day unlike the other day's i slept in a little. so since i had taken a shower the night before i just got up, snatched my things and ran out of the house cause i was a little late. i don't live that far from school so i knew that wouldn't take that long to get there. so i am driving there and all is normal. i have to park off campus cause i don't really want to pay for parking that at this point is unavailable and besides i would have to be at school every day just to get a nice spot. so i have to park across the street, which to me is now big deal. so i go to my usual spot and park my car, which just so happens to be around the corner from the school. so i park, got my backpack and started my way towards school. i glanced at my watch and noticed that it was almost time for class to start. so i got the lead out and started to walk at a faster pace. i reached the only cross walk that i had to cross and i would be there. so i hit the little walk nipple and waited for the light to turn red and the little green hand would start to flash. still waiting, ... and then there it was, in all its glory. the beloved green walk hand. so i step of the curb and i happened to notice that there is this car coming to my left and it appears to be going to fast to stop in time. so i just stand there, and some people that where waiting to turn left at the light just watched. then just as i thought the car did not stop at the limit line. infact he eventually stopped on the other side of the cross walk. i leaned over a little to see who was in the car. then in anger i began to yell profanity's at the driver shaking my hands in the air. the person whom was turning left rolled down their window in order to hear my verbal abuse of the driver that nearly took my life. and his response you may ask. was a mere wave and he said sorry. well as far as i am concerned he should have his license taken and not be able to drive. the old man was asian, there by comfirming to me that old people as well as asians can not drive a motor vehicle. i am not a racist for those that might think that i am, but i live in los angeles, and there are a lot of asains and they cause a lot of near accidents and accidents with their cars. Predominantly the older generation. i believe its because of their limited peripheral vision.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

gmail dot recognition

it seems that gmail can not tell the difference between a name with a dot in the middle or a name with the dot. to gmail they are the same name. so this would cause you to receive email that isn't yours. so this guy had a email with his first name in it, lets say timmy.tommy@gmail.com, and later on down the time line another man tries to register the same name, but cant because its already been registered. so he removes the dot and registers the name timmytommy@gmail.com. now the original timmy.tommy@gmail.com will often receive emails that where intended for the second timmy tommy. so gmail thinks that both are the same when really they are not. so it goes to show that when picking an email address one should not really use their name, unless you have a name that very few people have. i still don't recommend using your name in your email address, that's like using your son/daughters name as a password. use a nickname or a combination of name and numbers so that you don't get someone else's mail, and even worse they get your mail.

ear bud

sitting listening to the sounds of the guns, wanting to sleep, but cant. the sounds of guitar riffs keep me awake, the high pitch voice of axel, so glam, but yet not glam. i can see the crowds, the mass of people that assemble to watch this band run across the stage. tear the place apart and still make money. have their fun and leave, like a one night stand, and they where like the whores they get paided for it. and at the end of the day they are done, spent and wasted.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

sugar less

its almost like the same thing, just not quite the same. you try to imagine it to be. but deep down you know that its just not right to make yourself believe something that you dont believe in. it would be living a lie everyday. everytime you look in the mirror, everytime you say hello; your being fake somewhere,
an imposter, a nobody. not yourself, the one that they want you to be.
but why? why i am i this way? why do we all seem so much like diet soda?


that awefull taste in your


Thursday, January 05, 2006


Thinking about those moments in time in which you know that time changed. You could feel the movement in time shift you towards another distant future. Almost wishing you could go back to those times and fix the wrongs, never complete the action, forever changing your life. Excepting that change, then you's can go on wit your life. Take a new step forward in the right direction, or so it seems? But you didn't go far enough in the first life to see if you wanted to go back.
sometime in the future this person comes into your life and changes it yet again in a new direction. Course change. Now we can float a while and hopefully you don't have to change much after that. Who knows how long you might float, it may be years or a life time. Who knows? Then comes that day that the other person takes that walk, down another path. But maybe its not your time, maybe you have some other purpose, or maybe its just cause you kept your health better then the other. Who knows and you might not want to know in some cases. The only thing is, you got to worry about what is going on here and now. Worry about your self. After all there is only ol' numba one. (if I where to read this out loud, and that means if, I would read it in a New York accent, and... Forget bout it!)